Advanced Octaves

Welcome to this lesson on the Advanced Octaves Exercise.

Octaves. They make anything sound bigger and flashier. And, they’re all over the place in music. Getting solid octaves is a key pillar to your piano technique.

Advanced Octaves: The Notes + Movement Pattern

Advanced Octaves: Accelerated Learning Techniques

Key points from the lesson:

1. The biggest thing to mastering octaves is learning to RELAX. This is challenging, but once you got it, you got it. So, focus on relaxing as much as possible (this is tough for octaves!).

2. If you have big hands, use your 4th finger on black keys. Otherwise, just use your 5th finger on everything.

3. Start with a one octave scale “in octaves” and gradually move onto 2 octave and 3 octave scales “in octaves”

4. The motion should come primarily from the wrist, not the arm. Using a smaller lever will help you play octaves faster.

5. Try the Octave Accelerated Learning Techniques (The Outsides Method & Floppy Wrist Drill) as well as the others you learned in the course (Rhythmic Variation, Metronome, Added Note, etc)

PDFs and Cheat Sheets

Advanced Octaves Cheat Sheet

Octave Notes Pt 1

Octave Notes Pt 2

Octave Notes Pt 3

Technique Mastery Advanced Cheat Sheets PACK

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Happy practicing!


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